Homestudy Approved!

It’s been a while since I have last updated and a lot has happened in the last few months. First of all, we celebrated our Little Man’s 3rd Birthday. It is crazy to me to think he is already 3. It has gone by so quickly. Our littlest has become Miss Independent as well, especially when going for walks. She does not want to hold mommy and daddy’s hand anymore! And we have decided to buy a lot and build a house. Nothing like cramming a lot into a few months!

But the biggest news of the last month is that our homestudy was approved and we have been moved to the Waiting Family List. I don’t really know how to put into words what I am feeling right now. I am super excited about this step, but not really sure what to expect. Will we be on the list for a few days, weeks, months? We have no idea, but need to be ready to go when we get the call.

I am trusting God to help keep my patience through all of this as the wait is going to be hard. I know that He has a timeline charted for us as well as a baby picked and ready to join our family. God’s hand has been on and in this process since the day we began to learn more about the adoption process.

Our next chapter is about to be written and I could not be more excited.

Always in our Heart, Someday in our Arms

We are adopting. What a crazy sentence that still is to me. I have always had this thought in my mind that maybe someday we would think about it, but now it is real life. So how did this all happen you may ask. Let’s rewind about 6 months.

We decided with our little one getting older it was time to start thinking about adding to our family. After a few months of negative pregnancy tests, I started getting bummed out and thought maybe we should just adopt. Little did I know that thought would continue to linger in my mind. A few weeks before Thanksgiving we were sitting in church talking about the “Feed One” campaign where you could donate $10 a month to feed a child. At the beginning of our service, I was sitting in worship just asking God to give me a sign if we were to look at adopting. Then at the end of the message, our Lead Pastor, Josh, spoke about adoption and how many children are sitting in the foster care/adoption system. He talked about how God is the father to the fatherless and it struck me, we needed to do something about this. 

That afternoon, my husband and I took a road trip together and talked briefly about it. I asked him if the message made him think any more about adoption and he said yes, but he still wasn’t sure. Fast forward just a little and we were having lunch at home with our kids eating Wendy’s and I could tell my husband wasn’t paying any attention. Once I finally got him to talk, he realized while he was zoned out he was thinking adoption and then immediately looked at his Wendy’s cup, when I had his attention, which had a story about a girl who was adopted. 

A few weeks later, we would be going to Fargo for a business trip and I had this thought that maybe we should visit with an adoption agency out there just to answer some questions. I wasn’t really sure what kind of questions we had, but I thought maybe this would just open our eyes to what we needed to do. After talking with them on a Thursday, my husband and I didn’t really talk much more about it until Sunday although I did start filling out some of the paperwork on the way home from Fargo.

Sunday evening I found out I wasn’t expecting again and decided to finish filling our paperwork out. I looked at my husband and asked if he was really on board with this whole idea and that’s when I realized that God had spoke to him. He started to tell me about a show he watched on Netflix a few nights before called, “The Dropbox.” He said that he was looking for a documentary and could have picked anything on Netflix, but ended up on this show not knowing anything about it. The premise of the movie is about a pastor in South Korea who was sick of seeing mother’s abandoning their babies on the cold streets and finding babies who had not made it and decided he needed to do something about it. He built a dropbox in his church where moms could anonymously leave their babies safely and then an alarm would go off to let the workers know a baby had been left. Like what he was doing wasn’t enough already, the Pastor adopted multiple children, some even with special needs 

My husband said that this story recked him and he knew it was time to adopt. He realized that God was speaking to him through different avenues to show His plan for our family. We finished the paperwork that week and sent it off in the mail the week before Christmas thinking that we would hear of our approval after the New Year. 

Christmas Eve came and we spent the day at my parents house. We decided that we were going to tell our families at Christmas that we were beginning the process of adoption. My husband surprised me with a necklace that says “Always in my heart, someday in my arms. We told my family that evening (although my mom and sister already knew) and everyone was really excited for us. After spending a great day/evening with my family, we packed up our little ones to go home and grabbed the mail in the mailbox. I flipped through the envelopes and saw a letter from the adoption agency. We had been accepted!!!! Best Christmas present ever. 

So here we are beginning the process. Our next step is to attend a group meeting in Fargo on February 26 and then the home study process begins. We will be doing a domestic newborn adoption. I am so excited for this process and can say right now I have no anxiety or fear about it. I know that it will not always go smoothly throughout, but I know that the end product is to have another beautiful baby in our arms. We are praying not only for baby, but for the baby’s biological parents as they have a huge decision to make about such a precious little bundle. 

We would appreciate any and all prayers throughout this process as it is uncharted territory for us. I know that with God on our side, we will make it through this entire process. We look forward to sharing our journey with you!!

Where to begin

My baby has been growing up and learning new things so quickly. It truly does go by like a blink of an eye. Christmas was really good for us. What a blessing it is to have a little one and see Christmas in a whole new way. He go extremely spoiled this year, which was fun to see. This mama and dada spoiled him as well!

Not long after Christmas, we started working on his crawling skills. He began to get so frustrated that he could get up on all fours, but couldn’t move anywhere. He first started just rocking back and forth and eventually went down and tried to army crawl. It was a few days later that we were sitting at home in the evening and he started crawling.

It was pretty funny to watch because he became very frustrated very quickly. His speed was slower than a turtle and his coordination was not very good either. He would move with the same foot and hand, which doesn’t make for a very fluid movement. But here we are about a week later and he is crawling all over.

He has also learned that he can pull himself up on things now and so we have had a few booboos over the last few days. His absolutely favorite thing to climb is his walker, which is very hard because it is on wheels. But he continues to climb despite the movement.

We are also eating some adult food. We have tried cheese, noodles, bread, bananas, ice cream (very little on a fork), and apple juice. It is so much fun to watch their reactions to each new food.

We have also been keeping very busy looking at houses over the past week. I think that we may have actually found one, now it is just a matter of looking again and then seeing what we can do with it. I am praying that everything comes together so that if it is the house, ours will go quickly and for what we are looking for.

Well I better get going as we are experiencing a heat wave here after windshields of up to -50. It is currently 36 degrees which means it is time to get out of this house 🙂

6 months old



I have a very hard time believing that my baby is already 6 months old. So many things have changed over the past few weeks. We are sitting up, eating baby food, running all around the house in our walker, attempting to crawl, and saying mama. I am so thrilled to see all of these new things happen, but am a little sad my baby is gone. He also no longer enjoys falling asleep with mommy or daddy. He will sleep really well in a playpen or his crib though. So the few times he will cuddle and fall asleep on me, I take full advantage of it.

Last week we went to the doctor for his 6 month checkup. The most interesting thing we learned while there is that our Little Man is in the 94% for height!!! He is 2 feet 4 inches as they put on his paper. I knew he was tall, but didn’t realize he was this tall!!!

We also celebrated Halloween last week and so Blake got to dress up in Superman!!! We got so many compliments on his outfit.




Well he is sleeping now, so I should take advantage of this time and have lunch!! Until next time!!

5 1/2 Months Old

I feel like I was just pregnant and now my baby is already 5 1/2 months old. It is so crazy how quickly time flies once you have children. I am so thankful for the past few months with him. While we have some challenging days (I think all parents do) we have learned a pretty solid schedule and are figuring each other out 🙂 Currently we are battling the beginnings of teething which means he wants to spend a lot of time cuddling with mom. While I do enjoy this, it sure is nice when dad gets home and he can hold him as well.

I am also trying to get him to take longer naps. Right his schedule is he is up at about 7:00 every morning and then will eat, stay up for about an hour and a half, and then take a half hour nap. This routine repeats itself many times throughout the day which means there isn’t a big long nap! But for the most part, he is sleeping through the night. We are also working on sitting up. He is doing it for a few seconds here and there but then arches backwards because he would rather have you stand him up. It is amazing how once they know they can do something, they want to do it over and over again!

This weekend he will be having his first weekend away from us. We have done 1 night so far, but this weekend will be the entire weekend. We are leaving him with Grandma and Grandpa and going to a Vikings game with my brother and sister. While I am really looking forward to getting out of town, I am going to be sad to leave him. But I know he is in very capable hands with my mom and dad.


He was also dedicated at church a few weeks back. It was a great Sunday and had great grandparents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins there to support us.


Well I better get going as we are currently in a 30 minute nap cycle and I do have some laundry to do!! Here are a few pics though.


Cereal Time!

2013-10-04 10.58.15

Watching the first snow storm of the year (can’t see much snow yet, but it came down)

2013-10-09 10.47.13

Tummy Time


Playing piano with daddy

Little Man growing quickly

I am ashamed to see that I haven’t updated this since May. It has almost been two months and a lot has happened! I can not believe how quickly our Little Man is growing up. He is cooing, rolling over, smiling, giggling, and sleeping through the night!!! How much more can a mother ask for. To begin with, he was a little colicky coming home, but we have quickly grown out of that and have quite a schedule down. He doesn’t really like to sleep during the day, but will do an 8-9 hour stretch every night and then go back down about a hour after he wakes up for another 2. This mama is feeling really well rested!

We recently had him at the doctor and he is up to 13 lbs. 12 oz. and 23.75 inches long. It is amazing how quickly they grow.

We have realized quickly that he loves to be outside. He has been on his first boat ride at the lake and quickly fell asleep in my lap. But he giggles and smiles when he is breathing in the outdoor air.  2013-06-30 13.37.57

Little Man also had his first 4th of July, both fireworks and parade. He was awake most of the parade (rained the beginning and then very hot for the parade), but he slept both nights of fireworks. It is amazing what this kid can sleep through.


Well I better head to bed, but wanted to make sure to get a few pictures up and an update as well. Hopefully I will be able to get on here in the next few days to write a nice long post.